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Features & Benefits of Rifle Magazine Pouches:

The MOLLE-ready ammo pouch straps onto minimal storage rows to create a seamless reload system that keeps you focused on the fight.

  • Unobtrusive – Compact but tough, these magazine pouches keep your ammo handy without getting in the way
  • Secure & Easy – Pouches let you in easily but don’t let ammo and magazines out without a fight
  • MOLLE Adaptable – Add mag pouches to almost any possible MOLLE configuration for increased ammo capacity
  • Improved Combat Capability – Fire more and fire faster with reduced down and reload time

Train with AK and M4 mag pouches to learn how operators seamlessly integrate their additional ammo capacity into high-intensity firefights. Then see the incredible results of the easy access magazine storage in the field.

Common Applications for Your Rifle Ammo Pouch:

For the warrior:

  • Frontline combat – fire without missing a beat
  • Team tactics – don’t leave your allies hanging
  • Long-range combat – more shots fired, more shots landed

For the adventurer:

  • Hunting – bag more game in less time
  • Extermination – assault large nests of snakes and rodents
  • Training – learn how to maximize personal protection

Why Should I Buy a Rifle Magazine Pouch?

You may think your pack or admin bag holds your magazines without issue, but when the fight reaches a critical point and you accidentally reach for an empty magazine, you’ll know the consequences of forgoing the invaluable convenience of an ammo pouch. There’s no replacement for the tight, easy-access storage capacity of m4, AK, and rifle pouches when lives are on the line. You won’t find a quicker way to ensure safe storage and simple reloads for rifle magazines that could make the difference between victory and defeat.