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TenCate Advanced Armor

Personal Protection

TenCate Advanced Armor can provide a wide portfolio of personal protection equipment for military, law enforcement, and civilian applications globally. Among the products available are two families of lightweight inserts, one family of anti-ballistic shield, and two series of soft armor solutions. TenCate Advanced Armor specializes in providing lightweight personal protection solutions that comply with end-user requirements and international standards.


Throughout the processes involved, each raw material, semi-finished product and finished product is identified and monitored, ensuring that its history is fully documented – and is therefore traceable. The TenCate Advanced Armor Quality Assurance System extends through all aspects of contract compliance monitoring, including design, product development, purchase, manufacturing, inspection, maintenance, packing, shipping and storage. The TenCate Advanced Armor quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

All supplies and services procured or performed are audited to verify they comply with the applicable contractual and regulatory requirements.

Global presence

TenCate Advanced Armor is a global organization with manufacturing plants in the US, France, and Denmark and with sales offices distributed globally. TenCate Advanced Armor distributes its personal protection equipment through a web of local distributors.